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Invensoft releases new version of Invensoft-XBS (Dnet).

Invensoft signs with a major commodity company for global implementation of Invensoft-XBS.

Over Ten years of expertise and experience in almost all the business functionality and practicality of the Commodity Processing, Trading and Agro business.
Invensoft-XBS handles around 35% of Coffee commodity volume globally. New version Invensoft-XBS Dnet is highly flexible, ease of use, less cost of ownership and quick implementation cycle. Global product implementation base with multi lingual capability. Product implementation experience in Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and Europe. Invensoft-XBS can be integrated with backend ERPs like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc.
Invensoft Technologies Private Limited

is a Global provider of Information Technology Products and Services focusing on Software, Consultation and Solutions for Agricultural and Commodity Business.

Over the past Twelve Years our focus is on Physical Commodity, Origin Business, Processing - Milling, Trading and Agricultural Seed Business. Our product Invensoft-XBS© is a very successful commodity business software covering Multi-Commodity, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language at all major commodity origins globally.

We are working and supporting top commodity and agro companies as customer in over Ten Commodity Origin Countries across all continents. Today Invensoft-XBS© handles over 40% of Global Coffee being processed and exported by volume.

Industry Verticals Commodity Origin Business, Processing and Global Trading.
Agro / Soft Commodities and Consumables
Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton, Sugar, Soybean, Palm Oil, Citrus, Grains, Oil seed, Dairy Products, Food Processing & Packing, Rubber and Latex, Fruit Juice Producing, Milk and Milk Powder, Oils and Fats, Meat Processing, Animal Meals, Protein and Vitamins, Canned Goods and other soft commodities.

Elite Beverages
Winery, Distillery, Brewery, Canned Juice, Energy / Sports Drinks and Juice Concentrates etc...