Exchange (LME) Approved Warehousing

Exchange approved warehousing business is a niche 3rd party warehousing business. These warehouses will have to provide the normal warehousing services and in additional to meet the special needs and complying with exchange. From inbound to outbound, tracking the Metals to the verification of COAs the business needs are unique. Invensoft as a part of continuous focus, research and development have designed a specific solution for exchange approved metal warehousing business.

Our solution for LME and other exchange approved 3rd party metal warehousing business meets the end-to-end requirements of the warehousing business. Currently used by large enterprise warehouses across globe in multiple location, we are supporting customers to manage aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

  • Deal Management
    • Warehousing Service Contracts / Deals:
      • Types: Quotes, Pre-book, and Deal.
      • Supports Sub Deals.
      • Attach Standard Rate Card and change if required for each deal.
      • Supports modification, amendment, and closure to an existing deal.
    • Financial Deals (Discount Rent for Exchange Warrants):
      • Create, Modify and Cancel.
      • Add Warrants, Remove Warrants, Extend.
  • Logistics Management
    • Manage Inbound: BOL, Container / Packing List, Delivery Schedule.
    • Manage Outbound: Shipping Instructions, Delivery Schedule, BOL, Shipments.
    • Capture Inbound and Outbound Services.
  • Warrant Management
    • Warrant Creation.
    • Verification of COAs.
    • Prepare Warrant Issue Requests.
    • Warrant Releases and Release Schedules.
    • Re-warranting.
    • Certification Generation: Storage and Holding.
  • Finance Management
    • Off Warrant and Exchange Rent Calculation.
    • Inbound and Outbound Service Cost Calculation.
    • Service Invoice Generation.

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